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At Heiar Insurance & Estate Planning we specialize in developing retirement income plans that are fortified against the risks and issues that leave retirees penniless.

The “Social Security Explore” tool is an easy-to-use calculator that visually demonstrates how a person can make the most of their benefits depending on their individual situation. Whether you are focusing on a specific strategy or solution like annuities, or trying to understand what type of income you can expect at retirement, this tool can help.

Nine out of ten people age 65 and older are receiving Social Security retirement benefits, and for 32% of them, it represents over 90% of their income. How and when to begin this income is one of the most important decisions many people make concerning retirement. Tens of thousands of people are making their decision every day, yet most of them do not know about their options. The Social Security office is well staffed with very well trained and knowledgeable employees. The staff answers questions accurately; however, they are instructed not to give advice. Their job is not to advise, but to answer questions and implement decisions. If someone does not know the options, they will not ask about them, and will not be told about them. Learning and considering your options, is a brief, but essential phase of retirement planning. A wrong choice, unless it is corrected within a year, continues for life!

Why has running out of money become such a huge issue for the Baby Boom generation?

  • Since 1985, corporations have eliminated 84,350 pension plans
  • In the wake of the housing and stock market crisis, 51% of US households are at risk of being unable to maintain their standard of living in retirement.
  • 46.1% of Americans pass away with less than $10,000 in assets.

Manage the risks created by Longevity, Inflation, and Taxes.

Amongst all the talk of Social Security becoming insolvent, most retirees have missed out on the opportunity this program offers to be the very retirement cornerstone their advisors are struggling to create!

What makes Social Security the retirement cornerstone you might be looking for...

Benefits are:

  • Paid For Life
  • Continued For The Life Of The Surviving Spouse
  • Inflation Adjusted
  • Tax Efficient
  • Backed By A Government Promise

You're Invited to our Social Security Optimization classes every 3rd Thursday of the month

This informative and educational session is designed for peoples of all ages - and in all stages of life.  

Experienced advisors from the Physicians Mutual family will be here to offer educational information and materials on:

Understanding Social Security

Learn how Social Security works when it makes sense to start receiving Social Security benefits, what happens if you keep working- and much more.

We can advise you on what steps to take to make your next stage of life all you've dreamed of.   

Family and friends are welcome!


Location: Moraine Park Technical College 700 Gould Street Room K307 in Beaver Dam, WI

Time: 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m with refreshments served at the seminar

Upcoming dates:

  • Oct 15
  • Nov 19

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