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Regardless of your age, income, or financial situation, there is an estate plan that will allow you to maximize what you can leave to your loved ones. We invite you to come to our office and meet with an attorney for a free, individualized assessment. During that meeting, we will provide you with recommendations on how you can control your estate and have the confidence to know your wishes regarding your estate are adhered to. We offer flat fee services where you will not be charged when you ask your attorney questions... and we encourage questions! We also offer payment plans for all estate planning services. We look forward to being of service to you.

Some questions you may have:


Who will my minor children live with if my spouse and I pass away?

Probate Avoidance

How can I avoid the time and expense of probate for my loved ones?

Nursing Home Costs

Will I lose my home and all my assets if my spouse or I enter a nursing home?

Funeral Trust

With 93% of seniors opting not to purchase long-term care insurance, many older adults are at risk of having their estates plundered if and when the need for long-term care arises.

Funding a funeral trust safeguards assets from nursing homes or Medicaid in most states—an issue that a majority of older people are worried about.

Funeral trusts are written for people up to 99 years old. The simple, one-page application requires no underwriting, and premium amounts range from $1,000 – $12,500. They’re nursing home exempt and largely Medicaid exempt; even better, they’re fully transportable.

At the time of death, the funeral trust pays any funeral home that provides the services, meaning that people are free to relocate wherever they choose later in life. They also save older adults from dreaded tasks such as picking out a casket because funeral trusts are created with their personal financial advisor from the comfort of their homes.

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